Knitted by Love (a USUK fanfic)

A/N: This was created last December for the USUK Christmas Countdown, and I worked with DiurnalDays on creating this. I hope you enjoY

Day 9: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Summary: Alfred knew that Arthur was looking forward to their Christmas party, and when his lover decided to back away from the Secret Santa event, he is resolved to find out why.

Rating: G

If there is one thing that the majority of people in this world would agree on, it would be the fact that Christmas is a time for gift giving. That’s exactly what Alfred and Arthur had in mind; they decided to hold a Christmas party at Arthur’s house, and everyone was invited. A gift exchange was part of the plan. The rules were that everyone had a Secret Santa, and that Secret Santa’s gift had to be handmade.

Initially, the idea of giving handmade gifts seemed special and so everyone agreed to it. However, Arthur decided to back away from the plan at the very last minute – just a day before the Christmas party would be held at Arthur’s house.

“I-I’m sorry, okay?” Arthur was defensive despite himself. “I wasn’t able to come up with a gift, you see?”

“You were so excited about this before,” Alfred replied. His expression was aghast.

There was no hiding the guilt in Arthur’s green eyes. “I’m truly sorry, I just…it’s a real cock up, understand…”

“I get it, it’s just…not fair, you know?” Of all the misfortunes that could occur before the party, cancelling the gift exchange was something that Alfred had dreaded the most. There must be something he could do to help. “Hey, maybe I can help you come up with a gift? The two of us working together could get the job done on time!”

“What? No!” Arthur exclaimed. “There’s nothing you can do about it – my gift is a disaster – “

“Well, since I know that you’ll be giving that disaster to me, I think it’s gonna be okay!” Alfred had already known that Arthur was his Secret Santa after noticing Arthur’s strange behavior in the past few days. Blushing in embarrassment when asked about the gift, yelling when questioned about who he will give his gift to – for someone who has known him for centuries, Arthur’s behavior was easy to understand.

I guess this is what being part of an old married couple feels like, Alfred thought fondly.

However, Alfred could not get his suspecting eyes off of Arthur. Just weeks ago, he remembered seeing Arthur grinning and getting excited all on his own. He was certain that Arthur already had something in mind to give to him, and for some reason he had suddenly become reluctant about giving it.

It was clear that Arthur was hiding something from him.

“Why are you acting so weirdly?” Alfred whined. “You’re making me feel curious all of a sudden.”

“What? No!” Arthur insisted. “I’m not hiding anything! And stop being so curious!”

“You know that saying that only makes me even more curious. Come on, tell me. What are you hiding?” Alfred tried to look past his lover’s shoulders, at whatever it was inside the room whose doorway Arthur has been blocking.

“I’m not hiding anything. Now shoo!” Arthur held Alfred’s shoulders firmly and gently pushed him away from the door. “You’re doing the cooking, remember?”


Finding out what Arthur was keeping inside the room was not easy. Alfred had to be a little sneaky; after telling a white lie or two, or three (Arthur was clearly on guard after the incident earlier, making sure that Alfred would never be out of his sight), he finally escaped him.

Now the only thing left to do was to search for the gift. Alfred could not suppress his curiosity; he just had to know what Arthur had been keeping from him. Was the gift really horrible enough to make him guard it it like some sort of national secret?

Alfred chuckled to himself. He was home to the CIA and the FBI; finding out the truth would be a piece of cake.

Gathering all his courage, Alfred opened the door into Arthur’s bedroom. Luckily for Alfred his lover had forgotten to lock the door. Alfred glanced around for a moment – one could never be too sure, he thought — just in case Arthur was sneaking up behind him. He entered the room once he knew that the coast was clear.

Arthur’s room was clean and organized, as to be expected, lined with antique hardwood furniture and tall windows that were always sealed closed but nonetheless gave a lovely view of the snowy white landscape outside. Alfred almost got distracted by the wonderful sight, and barely remembered why he was sneaking around Arthur’s room.

Now, where did he hide the gift? Alfred began to look around. He searched every nook and cranny of the room for anything that seemed to be a Christmas gift.

It was when he was about to give up on finding Arthur’s apparently horribly messed up gift that he found a pair of sweaters, one jolly green and one bright red, neatly folded right inside Arthur’s closet.

Well, they were supposed to be a pair of Christmas sweaters. That means that they were meant to be separate, weren’t they? Alfred thought in amusement. He realized that the two sweaters were knitted together and joined messily by the sleeves. He touched the green and red threads of yarn, which were tightly interlaced together. Then he noticed the small, images on each sweater: he could discern the hamburger on the red sweater and the white teacup knitted on the green one. Arthur’s sweater design choices were absurd yet cute, and the combination of colors he’d picked really suited the holidays.

“I knew you’re going to be here.”

Alfred jumped in surprise. He immediately turned around and found Arthur standing by the doorway, frowning.

He’s gonna kill me, he thought nervously.

“I knew it,” Arthur pouted. “You can’t help but follow your curiosity, and now you’ve found out about my gift.” He grabbed the sweaters from Alfred. “My ugly gift for you. Francis suggested that I make something along the lines of a couples shirt, and these blasted sweaters were the outcome of that. Merry Christmas, Alfred.”

“Wh-what?” Alfred was shocked. But more importantly, he was confused by Arthur’s statement. “Arthur, what are you taking about? What do you mean by ugly?”

Arthur gave him a look. “Can’t you see? I knitted these, and they ended up a disaster. How can I possibly give something like this to you? And in front of so many people?”

Alfred could not believe what he was hearing. Arthur knitted a pair of Christmas sweaters as a gift, probably for the first time in his long life, and he was embarrassed about accidentally knitting their sleeves together.

He could not think of anything that was more adorable than that.

“Are you kidding me?” he exclaimed. “You just made the most adorable gift in the world.”

“S-stop joking around,” said Arthur. His face was red. “These sweaters are the ugliest – “

Alfred wrapped his arms around him, in a tight, warm hug.

“France is going to laugh at it – “

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s an embarrassing thing to wear – “

Alfred wanted to assure him that everything was alright. He wanted Arthur to know that he had given him something that he had made with love and care, and because of that it was the most wonderful gift in the world.

“Well, we’re going to wear it together, right?” he told him.

Arthur’s body stiffened against him. “At the party?”

“That’s right,” Alfred grinned at him in response. “I think we’d make a sensation.”

And he was right; when they wore the Christmas sweaters, knitted sleeves and all, everyone’s attention was on them. They were pair of sappy lovers, literally inseparable that night. The holiday could not get any better than this, Alfred thought as he walked around together with Arthur, hand in hand.

Clearly, he could not ask for a better gift than this.


Meet Pyuri-tan, the new manga heroine who’s the literal embodiment of Puritan Christianity

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

PT 1

For centuries, Christianity has had a role in the creation of some of the finest works of art. Any comprehensive discussion of art history has to include Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, and a host of other important paintings and sculptures from artists who don’t share their names with one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Speaking of comics, there’s a new manga that’s just started in Japan. Looking at its earnest, wholesome heroine, you might get the impression that it’s like any of a hundred other series the country has produced, but this manga lead has something that makes her unique: she’s the literal embodiment of Puritan Christianity.

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Pint-sized string quartet Joyous String does an awesome Smooth Criminal

Classical rocks

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Tiny, adorable, and blessed with bags of musical talent – meet Joyous String, a four-kid string quartet with musical aptitude way beyond their years. They’ve been playing together since they were just four years old, and have progressed to the point where they can produce a flawless rendition of the Michael Jackson classic “Smooth Criminal” without even breaking a sweat. These are some seriously talented kids!

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Sailor Moon Silver Crystal magnet paper clip chalice helps maintain order in Moon Kingdom, desks

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

SM 2

Out of the many magical artifacts Sailor Moon comes across during the course of her adventures, few can match the power of the Illusory Silver Crystal. Maybe that’s why when merchandiser Bandai offers some new anime trinket that includes the gem, it seemingly feels that the replica Silver Crystal also needs to have some sort of innate power.

Previously, fans could use the Illusory Silver Crystal to keep their homes smelling nice. Now, the crystal that helped Queen Serenity maintain order in the Moon Kingdom will help you maintain order on your desk, with this Rainbow Moon Chalice Sailor Moon paper clip case.

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Return – and hopefully, Stay

I don’t recall how many years has passed since I last updated this blog. A year or two, perhaps? But recent events have made me come back, and write something on this post for the whole world to see…and hopefully, not ignore.

So what happened? I spent four years of my life in college, to earn a degree in Journalism. I;ve had my ups and downs –  I was pretty sure I had more ups, but the downs are easier to remember. Or is the better term for it “harder to forget”?

Well, anyway, I’m almost finished with my university adventures (and shenanigans together with my beloved friends, fellow girls who are gifted in the art of writing and drawing, and also of sheer, everyday comedy), and slowly I’ve realized a lot of things about me. Thinking that I only have come to understand these facts about me just now, when I’m slightly past the age of adolescence, I was amazed at the rate of my growth. And then I realized how much I needed to improve. A lot of attempts and failures took place in my life, a lot of unfair stuff happened, draining what was left of me.

It’s funny that a lot of people believe in my skills – thinking that I am a good writer and I will make it big someday, when I myself do not believe in what I can do. And then two positive things happened, that made me think twice about my lack of self-confidence.

First was that I am graduating with honors. A cum laude. Nowadays it wasn’t abig deal, really, but it meant something to my family. Fourteen years of hard work, all to support me with my studies. had finally paid off big-time. I myself felt proud of what I achieved, because I knew I deserved such a reward after all my hardwork at school.

And then there’s my new job…okay, honestly I wasn’t even sure if I already got hired, because my supposed boss wasn’t telling me anything since the day he interviewed (and supposedly hired) me. But it has been a window of opprtunity, something I don’t want to ignore, and now I wish I had more experience because unfortunately, a lot of firms don’t take risks with fresh graduates because they are…shall I say…new to the world. I believe that I can use my potential to make up for my lack of experience, but it’s hard to work when you feel like your boss really didn’t want you in his company. In the end, I put all my doubts aside, and decided to just go for it, regardless of how things are going to end up.

I have been down before, but now I’m back on track – and hopefully, I keep it that way.

Realistic stag beetle bread repulses and fascinates us

Um…not sure if i should eat this…

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


For a country where rice is eaten at almost every meal, Japan has a surprising number of bakeries and pâtisseries. One stroll down the street of any city and eventually you’re likely to pass by the drifting aroma of freshly-baked bread and other sweet treats. Japanese bakeries aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their pan, either–just check out this Hello Kitty bread, Suica penguin bread, and these, well, rather unfortunate but hilarious attempts at capturing the essence of Doraemon, Totoro, and other popular characters!

Of course, you may want to stay clear of the bread in the above picture unless you’re an aspiring coleopterist (yes, that’s a word) or looking to gross out your younger siblings!

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Finally! Street Fighter II’s Dhalsim shares his favorite curry with the world!

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dhalsim curry 5

Nothing beats a tiring day more than a home cooked meal after fighting the best and the strongest at the World Warrior tournament. The characters of Street Fighter II all need that crucial pick me up and no one gets it better than Dhalsim! His wife, Sally, is always there to supply him with the best homemade curry in the Street Fighter world! His yoga would never be as strong without a bowl of spicy goodness.

Now is your chance to obtain yoga powers in the same way Dhalsim originally did, with curry! From GEEK LIFE, comes Dhalsim’s Home Curry, a perfectly replicated home cooked curry, right down to that special touch from Sally!

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Japanese 7-Eleven asking public’s help in stopping feline crime


SoraNews24 -Japan News-

To help combat the steady wave of shoplifting in Japan (360 reported cases a day), authorities remind shop staff to stay vigilant and know that anyone who enters their store – whether a little school girl or her 89-year-old grandfather – is a potential criminal just aching to take your hard-earned merchandise.

Just look at the kitty pictured above. Cute lil’ guy doncha think?

Wrong! That pilfering feline has stolen hundreds of yen worth of cat food from a helpless major convenience store… possibly to sell on the street for crack-cocaine.

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